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    And after the earth died, my soul passed through the space-time gap to the next world. At this time, my soul already had three things, a Cang Hanh Palace, a Pill Furnace, and a The coffin is already very rare. It existed, perhaps this small ball of breath was pushed out by the Devourer of Worlds from the dimension where Encore was located, and occasionally collided with my weak soul at that time. The cry for help from the ball of light? hehe, then I went to the lower world, which is the afterlife of humans and the Ancient Lake, coincidentally the small balls of light in that place are often filled with all kinds of weapons. There are also elements in the breath, just like this sea of stars is usually full of all kinds of flowers, other things are very few, so other people basically have elemental attributes, but I don't. yes, it must be The reason why my aura is basically the same as that of a cathedral. The space where the cathedral is located is still different from Van Co Tri. At least their aura light ball had no elements, which could also explain my aura. it was different from theirs at that time, not because I was useless, but because the little breath of my soul was closer to the source of the heart of the sanctuary. In other words, the breath on the outside is the same, but inside the breath is rich and colorful, perhaps the breath thinks that I am more suitable for this world, so it brought me here to be reborn." This is why I am a Roja The premise is that their souls have become much stronger after many years on Earth, otherwise, if the people in the Purple City died at that time, the souls Their souls won't be able to endure such long ups and downs. As for entering the big fat man's body, it's just that he just destroyed his soul, I just arrived, it's the breath that makes me revive."

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    Near Shengmen could not be seen. After leaving Shengmen, the group gradually opened up.

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    Do not have. Sac Vi said innocently: "I still have the same amount as before. We bought two or thirty yuan, which is enough for us to eat for a while, but... But after you finished talking, it seemed The speed at which the cake was destroyed was a bit fast. Looking at this cake, I didn't know who had eaten it... and whose cultivation level had broken through. It turned out that they were all trying to grab the food, because Is it to avoid what we can't see? If that's true, it's too cruel.

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    The man first looked at the rune on Vuong Han's wrist. After seeing that the rune had a golden shape, his face still contained a lot of... fear. Could it be that the other side is really back, is Rojas really back? ! Don't... Really don't do that, the memory of being ruled is simply too painful! But after feeling Vuong Han's soul for a while, he discovered that the other person had not completely become Roja... At least his soul was relatively normal, just a new standard five-armed person. has form.

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    Thinking of this, Vuong Han snorted, arbitrarily weakened his soul to a certain level, and directly integrated into his soul the small ball of light that he thought was good. This was his natural talent. There are meteorites inside. Knowing what this talent is, right now is not the time to learn this talent. After receiving the blessing of 13000000 Rojas, his soul power has not increased for a long time, the reason is very simple, he Right now the soul power is already terrifying. existed, so before encountering the wider sea, other scattered shrimp and fish did not have a great chance to make his soul have any chance of improving, he was already a giant monster, so at this time Wasting time learning this talent is a wrong choice as soul power growth stagnates. Pure talent has no way to overcome the existence of soul traps. As for converting soul traps, it is not something he can do now, soul traps are too complicated, or wait for the soul to be strong. Only then will he be able to transform again. Having this, the opportunity will increase, but at that time there will be a shortage of talent, learning at will, this is not a difficult thing.

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    As for Gan Qian, she doesn't care about this matter now, in fact she is not a fool, as a woman, she naturally knows that Ye Lin is currently pregnant, so she took Feng Tian and Ye Lin out. If you don't leave now and stay, what will you do after the next generation appears? At that moment, she didn't know where to cry, not because she had a childish soul but because she knew clearly that Phung Thien and Diep Lam's child would grow up in the Holy Church, but the Holy Church didn't need it. It. Worry, this is a healthy biome, so growing up in a healthy biome is always better than two people slowly walking together. What I fear most is that Feng Tian and Ye Lin will ask her to help raise their son again. Is it time to stand up with the younger generation, Feng Tian, Ye Lin and their three children to train together? Gan Qian felt that she had been cold all her life, so without saying a word she ran away, saying that in her heart she had a strong wish, in addition to the wish, she was also very jealous.

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    But this matter had not yet begun, Keles still looked at the black-haired man with many doubts and curiosity, "Sir, how many breath points do you have now? That's what you declared before. my father will become After a member of our spirit group, the world tree will give you one breath point for a period of time as a reward. If the breath points are still relatively abundant, then you can opportunity to leave the spirit group and join the allied spirit group In any corner of the World Tree, you can go through the World Tree to get good help with breaths, these breaths can helps you induce some of the World Tree's initial talents more conveniently, which can more or less add some resonance to the World Tree's trunk.”

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    Hearing that, the man helplessly smiled and walked out to the clean courtyard in front. Everywhere he looked was a quiet scene, "That's right, they can only miss the people who have loved them so much." full of hatred for people, it is Therefore, this kind of group should not appear in this kind of star sea, they are like gluttonous demons that never know how to be satisfied, if the other person is really a person with feelings and empathy, forget it, but this Group was born without it, their souls tend to be like that, and as time gradually fades away, they will have no other group except their own , laughed, I don't know how many times I will directly destroy those groups for some trivial things... They are the real rulers, cruel rulers, rulers who will push other groups to their destruction!”

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    At the beginning of the world, our world was one, I know this, I don't need to ask them, I know their answer is definitely no problem. about giving it up at a critical moment. People in your clan live alone. In your eyes, you may be a unique existence with a unique soul, but no matter how you argue on the battlefield, you are a member of the temple, and you will be hanged directly Think You have to make a lot of excuses, and in the end you can only make others look down on you.

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    That's really great! I actually went around, and I don't know how many wrong planets there were before coming to this place! Isabelle rest assured, she is Isa Bei Er. She came to see Wang Han when Wang Han was in his early years and still had the gift of time and space. Later, he and Vuong Han went to Lita's group, where Vuong Han knew more or less about Lac A. This time her idea of coming to find Vuong Han was very simple, she wanted to find him, but then he was devastated...? Anyway, that's the general idea, Isabelle couldn't say clearly what the situation was, but after Vuong Han left, her heart was empty, suddenly returning to the state of a free person, not her. prefer. ...So, after the father who was chasing her learned a few things about the Roja people, she firmly wanted to chase them away! Oh my God, this is Roja! A biome that once brought them prosperity, now there exists such a biome, so why not pursue it? After all, how to pursue is one thing, in the end what is needed is practice, so Isabel went directly out, looking for Vuong Han's footprints all the way from the main Lita system to search for traces, and at the same time following Watching for myself a little private channel that is not legal knew that Wang Han once bought such a planet, but that was hundreds of thousands of years ago, so I came here with the intention of giving it a try. Turns out it's a place called the Temple Group, which isn't bad. After asking who the boss of the Temple Group was, she came here to find Encore.

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    "This." The boy said nothing, raised his head to look at the woman in Tien Do Group in front of him, and said to himself: "Didn't I think you still had an assistant?" After so many years, the next time you meet and treat me like this, it seems like you've deceived many people before, otherwise you wouldn't be so defensive."

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    The spaceship docked, this time Vuong Han was familiar with the way, he arranged for Keles to stay on the spaceship, he would come when he left, Keles agreed, it seemed this was a more important matter, otherwise Vuong Han would not have said a word. suggested so. Of course, waiting was a quick matter, she saw from afar that Vuong Han had just stepped onto the ground of Lutford Starport, then he took the flying carpet, quickly disappeared from her sight, appearing in in front of her, appearing in the taxi... She saw a ring in Vuong Han's hand, pouring soul into the ring would open an entrance about one meter, then objects could be inserted inside. in through this entrance.

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    So what is collecting, collecting is a process of proving that I have you, just a way to prove my status, there is no right or wrong, but if you really want to say that you love this, I'm afraid it may not be so. On the other hand, there are no people who collect red square bricks everywhere, appreciate the wonderful properties of red bricks, and cry to thank these bricks for helping them gain a shelter, but are very interested in some old objects or crystals of the dead. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . One day, after the ground is filled with dead people and things, I'm afraid it won't be possible. like it.

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    Sure enough, the Roja people are still very cruel... And just as Wang Han was thinking, Shen Yueke started talking again.

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    “There is no spiritual energy in our bodies!” Diep Lam's face showed fear.

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    At this moment, Vuong Han saw the so-called, "Run!! Today the cafeteria is open, it's all big chicken feet! What's more, it's all big chicken feet! There are also free boyfriends and girlfriends! This is No." Count! There's also a free car and house! Not counted, it's still a cemetery!!” The small ball of light that initially had some restraint seems to have become crazy at this moment, the entire spaceship inside The small breath balls rushed towards the center like crazy. What you are fighting for is just It's simply a war!! After all, for this small ball of breath, this soul is fragile, but the sophistication of this soul is extremely luxurious, this is the kid's natural talent. , just by taking over this body, it can definitely be copied and used in the future Livestock ah!! So, in this situation, the breath of the small ball of light is like a virus, They pursued all of this like a fascination, and finally, shocking Wang Han, he saw the nearest small ball of light before he could react. He immediately stopped in the trap. The soul of this rotating disc! And the other small light balls saw this situation and directly collided! Then Vuong Han still didn't understand what happened, the two small breathing balls fought again!

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    One is a long-term partner of the gold group, this type of person is required to spend a lot of money in the gold group and reach a certain level to be eligible to enter the gold group and know in advance that the next person will be in technology. stay in the spotlight. Where, they can plan ahead. Using a sentence from Wang Han's previous world to describe the relationship between the two, that is, the oil yield of a kilo of soybeans is 15, a kilo of peanuts is 50, a kilo of leeks is 100,000. Likewise, establish a good relationship first, always be ahead of others, have very cheap bargaining chips, make a lot of money together, many economic groups are willing to do this. And the existence of this group of black-haired goblins is obviously not this type of people. They don't have many bodyguards around them, and they don't dare to appear in public because they chop leeks all year round for fear of being hacked to death. direct.

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    Regular fishermen sell the fish they catch directly in the market, while they sell their next hooked fish as a random number. This type of gambling process is extremely exciting. Salted fish or goldfish both depend on luck. How do I feel about fish? No one cares. This is a normal thinking brought about by power, if people from some biomes stand up and say that this is inhumane, if people from yellow biomes look closely at them, people from yellow biomes will lose . What is humanity? For a group of absolutely rational people, they understand better than anyone else how terrible the price of kindness is. I am stronger than you, everything I say is right, you think what you say makes sense, you think your community is full of knowledge and trustworthy, so why are you still so weak, not daring to go to war with the community? my golden? It was understandable logic, and other biomes when they heard it did not dare to speak up. As for other groups at the same level as the gold group, the relationship with them is better and everyone makes a lot of money together.

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    Vuong Han definitely won't let it continue to float in the sea of stars like this, it's too cold and emotionless, but now he doesn't ask anything, the girl doesn't say anything, the two of them are closest In one of the rooms. These planets are so rich and terrifying, with beautiful mountains and clear water, birds singing and fragrant flowers, all kinds of beautiful animals jumping among the mountains and forests. Vuong Han finally threw this body into the ground and created it. out a Roja What people will do is let the corpse rest in the ground, where did it come from and where will it go in the end.

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    Otherwise, from the current situation, I have returned to this planet, and it still exists here, and it even has the same memory as when I left. There is no contradiction with my memories... Then I will try to directly destroy the nine chains in front of me? At least destroy these chains, and time in this place will flow normally? So even though they were stolen a lot of time, I was relatively able to also make the world start working again... From this point on, I can understand why all these did this happen again?