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    Mrs. Shen naturally knew that Mr. Gu was in the province, so Qin Xian came to take care of his health.

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    The few remaining cavalrymen of the Japanese army, holding explosive packages, rushed up, and were also hit by mines and cut into pieces, their dying horses screaming in agony. Mines are aimed very fairly. Within a range of 50 meters, as long as they are living things, regardless of whether they are cheap infantry or noble blood horses, they will die or be injured, without the slightest human feeling!

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    The three key points of Fanpenling, Mass Burial Mound and Pig's Nose suddenly burst into red-orange flames that tore through the endless night, the sound of 85mm cannon bullets tearing through the air, the sound of 160mm mortar bullets tearing apart eardrums, and mortar bullets. 120 mm and 82 mm merged into a waterfall of red steel in the night sky... 10th Division artillery opened fire at full force, dozens of large and small cannons fired at the fastest speed, and they did not bother to save their shells! The artillery shells fired by the 105mm howitzer hit the Japanese army first. Although they were not as perverse as arrow bullets, they exploded one after another in the sky over the Japanese army. The density was also extremely scary, every shell fell to the ground. They are all flesh and blood, and we don't know whether the things flying in the air belong to the dead or the living... But it seems there is no difference, the living and the dead are both crushed in one blow and they are treated equal treatment. The 160mm mortar doesn't seem to be bombarding people, but more like digging a hole. Once the bullet hits the rice field, it will create a large hole nearly two meters deep, four or five meters in diameter, impossible, not even possible. found the ball. The fortifications built by the Japanese army with corpses were absolutely laughable at this level of cannon!