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    Moreover, Vuong Han had successfully obtained a soul meteorite. She knew that the matter of going to Lutford Starport this time had come to an end. It took more than half a year to buy an item. Naturally, it was impossible for her to have a deep understanding. about Lutford Starport over the past six months.

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    But when this mother was still thinking about some things that happened to her before, without paying attention, the little girl rushed into a room directly in front of her. When she had time to react, her face turned pale. said: "Don't go in! The people inside are in a meeting! And there are some important people here!" in the current temple system Encore, the highest leader of the temple system, is such an existence, so even if Anke is usually not aura, but others are seeing I can't help but bow during encore, this is a thank you. But now she knew that there would be many people in this meeting, not only Encore, but I heard there were also many guests from far away! Then she doesn't need to think about the guests who can be welcomed by Encore herself, and she completely knows the gold content of these guests! After all, when a distinguished guest from the golden group comes, this is just such treatment! That's why my daughter hastily rushed in now. If she upsets the other group, then things are really difficult to talk about!

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    Sir, you can come here! Keles smiled sweetly and waved at Vuong Han. Vuong Han nodded. Keles directly inserted a vine into Vuong Han's hand. Then, without doing anything, the vine wrapped itself around his wrist. circle, and when the vines were released again, there was a totem of the spirit group on the inside of his wrist. This is the abbreviated pattern of the turquoise world tree, about the size of a fingernail. When Wang Han caressed this totem and carefully felt something, Keles on the side said: “Totems are eternal . it still exists. This is a record of Mr. And when he joins another group because he wants to learn the talents of other groups, the totem will also not be affected, and there will be new totems arranged behind this totem, spreading to heart."

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    “Manh Manh, promise me, even though you are not human, you still have to try to be human.” Vuong Han's face was as black as ink, "Ignore the people your age, just say Vuong. Xiaowan is still so dry, these two people are my juniors, one calls me brother Wang Han and the other calls me uncle Wang Han, if you ask me to attack these two people, you will say that I still human. the person you mentioned later is called Jiang Person of the cold wind... I don't even know who this person is, I only helped him because they are also human, but you can't even ignore a girl like that Then, at this moment, in the sky There's still about five years left when there's an accident here, you let me choose a girl to start... Can you really say such a thing . Then don't say it's me, look around here There are many pets, come, there are all kinds of colors, you just choose one, I will decide for you, I will directly find a good guy for you, The two of you just need to be together. "

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    Did I provoke him? The woman secretly glanced at Vuong Han. After seeing the hatred in his eyes, she quickly pulled the man past. The man also looked at him unconvinced. He glanced at Vuong Han, but after seeing Diem With terrifying spiritual energy, he timidly followed the woman, quickly disappearing in front of Vuong Han, like a mouse meeting a cat, I don't know how much fear appeared, this was directly crushing the soul, But To tell the truth, Vuong Han doesn't want to cause trouble right now. If it weren't for his current strength, just one soul trap would be thrown, and the entire planet would disappear from his sight in the blink of an eye, but This is not necessary, he needs to know in detail what happened that year, but this time seeing the two Rojas made him very disappointed. What about Roja's seemingly powerful existence? Why is everyone's level so poor? These two people don't even have their badges condensed. Why is Roja running around without both badges? Really a lot of time?

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    Very strong! Vuong Han looked at the fisherman through something that looked like glass. The fisherman was only about 15 meters tall, and overall looked very thin and old, but looking at the actions behind the fisherman, he could really feel get the horror of the golden group. This is definitely not a stagnant group. The group's development speed is much stronger than him alone, so like running in parallel, Vuong Han cannot completely defeat everyone. People. group, any attempt to stand up will only result in being thrown further away. So he came... He just wanted to understand through on-site investigation that no matter what channel he used to integrate into the Golden Group's life, at least seeing what other people were doing would have a huge impact. great about your own cultivation.

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    After the breath light ball entered his soul, he now has one more chance to touch the other breath light balls, return to the breath linked to the outside planet, and begin to move at full speed. his soul, using his soul force to push out the small ball of light. The breath ball let him move forward. Although this speed could only reach about one-tenth of the previous spaceship, it still felt a bit faster than before. Even one day later, I suddenly discovered a Star Sea Giant Beast. The size of this Star Sea Giant Beast was truly extraordinary. It looked like a giant fish, and its speed was only comparable to He's a little faster, just a little slower. it's okay... Following the "active" invitation of the giant beast Tinh Hai, he came behind it, and when the giant beast Tinh Hai "realized its path", Wang Han "do not do it. This Xinghai monster very obediently brought Wang Han to Xinghai. This is a very good means of transportation. During the rush, Vuong Han is always looking for a possible team. Furthermore, Tinh Hai Behemoth is also very "kind" and "not afraid" to observe the back of the "character". this small" triviality. on the back is not "steady" in the heart.

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    Vuong Han thought of this, five words appeared in his mind: "Master of the fish world..."

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    Sitting in the cockpit of the spaceship, Vuong Han looked at the Maya formations that were gradually moving away. These formations looked magnificent and magnificent at first, but now looked like empty seashells, on the outside they were as powerful as any other. any, just need to find it. The contradictions of this group system itself are taken into account, no matter how large the group system is, it will be destroyed immediately." small numbers, meaning no direct confrontation. Penetrating and dividing the inner mind of it, creating a sense of the absurdity of great love in everyday experience, depicts the most natural and intimate way of expressing the soul as brainwashing, and by finding some typical people, a Once the internal hole appears, they won't be able to repair it.

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    Currently, the age of everyone in the group is not important, but even so, there will still be some gradual aging in the body, so if the body's aging is set at a normal level of a hundred years , then Wu Ruolin is. In the eyes of Vuong Han, there is a person who is about 21 or 20 years old, but in the eyes of Vuong Han, in the eyes of Wu Nhuoc Lam, there are roughly 367 feelings, the feelings of a young person. Young, black hair, deep black eyes, thin lips, arms folded, doesn't look like a troubled character. Faced with Wu Ruolin's question, Wang Han asked directly: "Where is your current destination?"

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    As for Qian Qian, as soon as she got home, she saw Wang Xiaowan rush out of the house, immediately ran to hold her hand, and looked at her with a pale face: "Qian Qian, go inside and take a look." Look, there's something in our house! This thing is invisible and intangible, but it seems to have a very strong malice towards us... Then, just now, your sister Nuo almost fainted from fear, and that terrible breath It seems like the soul has been wiped out directly, it is definitely not a simple dirty thing!"

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    So if we can't buy a higher-level World Devourer, and the World Devourer's return rate is 50, let the World Devourer wait a thousand or two thousand years for nothing, a single sleep can last. longer than a hundred years or more. Those who can be killed can still be killed after twelve thousand years, and planes that cannot be killed are useless. That's it.

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    So making such a distinction is only a macro concept. It's completely impossible to really see through someone else's strength at a glance.

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    “So Roja's natural talent is time and space?” Vuong Han leaned on the chair, his original frown suddenly relaxed, his whole body revealed an extremely calm state. Suddenly, Stave next to him saw Vuong Han Xa. Not knowing how to ask about this change. , but at this moment she also felt very clearly, the man next to her seemed less and less like a character that only normal biomes had. makes him look weirder and weirder...

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    "But when the big period of 300,000 years comes, really difficult things will happen. Once the spacecraft cannot be used, I may be lost in that star field forever. Don't say yes, I found you Wang Han, even I myself probably can't live long in this state, so I not only want to strengthen my own strength, but also want to know why Uncle Wang Han chose this path that year. This."

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    Don't, you can't take it lightly, this is really serious. If you can't find this person within ten thousand years and successfully bring him back, then you will be considered back, I'm afraid you will lose it. Go all free in the future! The servant obviously understood what Isabelle was thinking right now, "At the same time, judging by the situation this time, if you don't complete this mission, your father will most likely take back all authority over you. At that time, you will be completely out of breath, and you will most likely be trapped in a planet forever and never get out again! You can imagine that you are trapped in a planet No? The planet is barren, even for just a short period of hundreds of years? Your soul power cannot withstand so much loneliness, the end result will definitely be very painful! "

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    At this time, An Kha couldn't help but ask: "Vuong Han, how do you have these points of aura?" She was very curious about this matter.

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    Feng Shuyi could see that the two of them didn't believe it, and she didn't want to explain too much, "I'll take you to look around first, at least go to a planet first, I don't know if it's possible Meeting old friends there, if possible, you can feel even more how small your current position is, so that even if you can now control the talents of your tribe, If you don't know how to use this talent, your strength will be even weaker than scary."

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    She can also clearly understand Vuong Han's current situation. No matter what the other party's plans are, this is not her. Even the talents of her own elves cannot understand it and can endure it. From the current point of view, if she could become Wang Han's wife and receive some blessings and protection, it would definitely be a very wonderful thing in this world.

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    Vuong Han burned the space under the bewildered eyes of insects, leaving in the blink of an eye, before leaving, he also took away all the breath in this space.

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    If it feels safe, it can be in a real state, and if it is not safe, it is a virtual state. However, after more than a hundred years of observation, this small ball of light is still in its real state, it still feels insecure, and it is still in a defensive state at any time, after Wang Han understood go out. It's really like that, don't be impatient, he just slowly let go of the small space. If compared to the size of the original space and a planet, then the current size of space is a big planet. small a basketball. Very weak debugging. What he had to do was very simple, just continuously let go of this space, just enough to make this small ball of light change into shape, so that he could know more clearly about this matter. The kid's ability to judge danger, as for what's the use of knowing, right now Vuong Han doesn't know, but love is still the same, at first you can only diligently observe the other person's external details. . .These details are useless, but this is important to give a complete portrait before helping you understand him or her thoroughly.

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    Hearing that, the man helplessly smiled and walked out to the clean courtyard in front. Everywhere he looked was a quiet scene, "That's right, they can only miss the people who have loved them so much." full of hatred for people, it is Therefore, this kind of group should not appear in this kind of star sea, they are like gluttonous demons that never know how to be satisfied, if the other person is really a person with feelings and empathy, forget it, but this Group was born without it, their souls tend to be like that, and as time gradually fades away, they will have no other group except their own , laughed, I don't know how many times I will directly destroy those groups for some trivial things... They are the real rulers, cruel rulers, rulers who will push other groups to their destruction!”

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    “Okay, let me talk first.” Porphyrin nodded.

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    The nature of the current battle is that there will not be cocks of the same level fighting each other, the emphasis is on high and low, there will also be no battle between two people with equivalent fighting ability here, or I don't care about you, or I don't care about you, and your entire group will be wiped out. It belongs to a quiet group relationship under normal circumstances, but if there is a war, the entire population of hundreds of billions or more will evaporate in an instant. Just like the dimensional world where Jiang Jiu was treated by the golden group's World Devourer, he will not beep at you at all, even Shengmen is not a stable and non-destructive transmission method, and it will still affect the body.. It causes extensive burns, but don't give me time to recover, once I stand up, it will kill me instantly.

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    “If I agree, how can I become like your existence?” Vuong Han stopped for a moment and asked this question.